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Born in Connecticut on January 10, 1968. 

Bob started kindergarten at Colonial Park, of course he was the teachers pet. 
Bob decided he wanted to start hockey, because his best friend John played. In the beginning Bob could only stand up if John held him up.
Of course when Bob put his mind on something he usually succeded,so just a few months later he made the travel hockey team. He continued to excel in hockey through High School.

He was co-captain in his senior year.
Bobs dad started to teach Bob how to play the guitar, which Bobby picked up very quickly, hes best friend John started soon after that. They play in a few bands together. 
The roads would never be the same, Bob got his liscence, although Bob was very careful the phantom driver would always show up and cause some kind of problem. By the time he was eighteen the phantom driver had caused Bob to total at least 5 cars, one of those cars was Pops big old silver LTD that he let his friend drive (into a house). 

Bob graduated West Haven High School, he entered the U.S. Navy sub-division that September, He was chosen to lead his division through basic training. 

Bob studied chemistry and computer technology, and at the time of his death he was employed Thermion Industries as the lead chemist.

Bob married Toni Wrightington, they had three beautiful girls and even though they eventually decided to get divorced, they both worked very hard to make sure there girls were very happy and well adjusted. They remained  best friends. Spending holidays together as a family. 
On  6/17/1993 Bob and Toni had there first child , Taylor Ann DeMartino. 

After alot of hard work, Bobby earned his Black Belt in Karate.
On 05/03/1995  , Bobs second daughter, Bobbi De Martino came into the world. 

Stevie Nicole De Martino was born on 05/26/1998 
Passed away on December 29, 2005 at the age of 37. 

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